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  • Los Angeles
    Star Studded Los Angeles
    Star Studded Los Angeles
    California holidays are a dream come true. Wide sweeping beaches, ideal weather and some of the best food in the world make a holiday in Los Angeles the perfect draw. The LA region is where some of the top celebrities and movie stars pound the pavements and the sight of the Hollywood sign is familiar to all. Los Angeles accommodates nearly 25 million visitors each year who are eager to experience the ‘American Dream’. Walking in the steps of the stars, visitors can get a taste of the fantasy worlds of Disneyland and Hollywood, the exclusive neighbourhood of Beverley Hills…
  • California
    Hiking Down South In California
    Hiking Down South In California
    California has a lot to offer in the way of beaches, entertainment and such. Many people fail to realize there are tremendous hiking opportunities, particularly in the south. When discussing hiking in California, it is important to get a caveat out of the way. You can go hiking on any of the beaches and walk for days. It is a good time since you can people watch and there are also plenty of places to stop for food and grog. That being said, I am not going to include beaches in this list of hiking trails. If you want to…
  • San Francisco
    Discover Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco
    Fisherman's Wharf is one of the most famous of destinations for visitors of San Francisco, California. It’s one of the major “must sees” in the city not only because of its links to maritime history but also because of the amount of things to do there. One of the most easily recognized buildings in Fisherman’s Wharf is the Maritime Museum, known almost as much for its ship-shape building as it is for the exhibits that document San Francisco’s maritime past. Anyone who is even a little bit interested in ships or their history will enjoy a wander around this museum.…

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