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  • Disney World
    Disney World In One Day: Is It Possible?
    Disney World In One Day: Is It Possible?
    Various factors will affect your ability to seek out all that Disney has to offer within a limited timescale, but with a little common sense and some handy tips, you’ll certainly be on track to achieving your goal! So here is a list of ideas to help smooth your day: 1: Ensure everyone has a hearty breakfast. The “all you can eat breakfast buffets” are very popular, or diners such as Dennys offer excellent value for money. 2: Buy your Disney tickets in advance to save valuable time standing in line at the ticket window when you arrive at your…
  • Orlando
    Visitors Guide To Orlando
    The world-famous city of Orlando is located in the central area of the state of Florida, in the USA. Home to the world’s number-one tourist attraction, Walt Disney World, Orlando also offers a range of must-see sights, which are popular with both children and adults. Ranging from historical museums to vast water parks, landscaped gardens to superb restaurants, Orlando has it all and is one of America’s most popular vacation options, attracting visitors from all over the world. Orlando is a spreading city and covers almost 100 square miles / 260 square kilometers, with a population of around 200,000. Acclaimed…
  • Florida
    Adventure and Fun: Scuba Dive the Florida Keys
    Adventure and Fun: Scuba Dive the Florida Keys
    One of the best areas to scuba dive within North America is in the Florida Keys, a long string of islands just south of Miami. For any scuba diver traveling to southern Florida, even a quick day trip to the Florida Keys is worthwhile. There’s great scuba diving all along the Keys from the first community of Key Largo, through to the middle at Marathon and all the way to the end where Key West is located. One can get to Key Largo in about 45 minutes from Miami and the protected Pennekamp marine park in the surrounding waters offers…

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